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Friday, January 21, 2011

Red Challenge at Guylou's!

How long should making a card take? It takes me what I think is a long time, and it seems like a lot of that time is just looking through paper... I only ask because my wonderful father called me last night and asked me to make a card for my grandmother. I have to take my uncle to the doctor in a little while, and I'm not sure if this card (that I haven't started yet) will make it into the mail today... I was just wondering about your card making time so I can see if I'm average or need to pick up the pace...

On a totally unrelated note, a new challenge is starting today at Guylou's Inimitability! The challenge is RED, and we want to see some projects featuring that color.  The challenge runs until February 3, at 10 p.m. EST. The winner of the challenge gets a guest spot on the design team and some free digi stamps. If you'd like to use a GI digi on your card/project, head over to the store. (Or for some free ones, click the "guylou's" tag on this post to read how you can get FREE stuff. I don't feel like typing it again!) If you're working on Valentine's Day cards, there's no reason for you not to join the challenge!

The DT cards are smoking on this challenge! Here's mine using the Cupid stamp:

I really like the coloring on this stamp, but my card feels like it needs something extra. I'm not sure what though and probably won't mess it up attempt to fix it before I give it away...


  1. I used to be able to make one card in one evening; two or three if I have a day. Now, it takes me three days to make one because I have an attention sucking puppy who wants to play all the time. LOL!! I love my lil Sundae though and cannot be mad at her.
    I love your card with Cupid, I would not add anything. The red hair is totally awesome.. you can colour girl!!! Marvelous work!

  2. I also love your coloring on this card. I love the card just as is. Sometimes it is hard not to continually add stuff isn't it!!! I love that paper you used!! Gorgeous card!!

  3. Hi Trina! for me when inspiration comes right away from the challenge then everything it´s ok and I don´t mind how long it takes me to finish my idea; if I feel the pressure of time usually the inspiration doesn´t come easy, on the contrary, then I switch up to my simple me and make CAS kind of cards and most of the times I like the result :-)
    Love your card too! I like it as it is but maybe you could add a rhinestone (small one) on the e of "me" or a white dot, or even some white faux stitches tracing the letter. Your coloring here is gorgeous! Hugs!

  4. your colouring of the image is perfect, some times less is more, and i think this card shows your image off so well, it doesn't need anything else.
    Kevin xx

  5. This is such a great image to use! Love your coloring sweetie!

  6. Trina, love this image and your coloring is fabulous. This is a really gorgeous card.

  7. Trina this is fierce! Your coloring is absolutely superb - there isn't anything missing from this perspective! :)

  8. Hey girl! I'm with you it takes me forever to get one done these days. I usually start on one and end up doing another. OH and another I do is cut paper for my card and decide I like the other paper better. I figure I'll use it but then I stick it in the scrap pile and there it stays. I'm hoping to pick a day a week and only use from my scrap pile but so far that's only happened a couple times. I tend to spend AT LEAST an hour coloring and two hours putting it together. Your coloring on this image is beautiful. I also love that you kept it simple, although I agree with Ileana about the gems or stitching. Alot of times I go back and change or add something to my cards after the fact just cause I think it needs a little somethin but not sure what at the time. Anyway, now that I wrote you a book I'll just say I'm glad you popped over from Feline. I've been enjoying your posts!

    Hugs - Jen

  9. I usually take about an hour or more per card. Just depends on how inspired I am really. I think I am a super slow scrapper though. Some people seem to be able to crank stuff out left and right with no end to the creativity. I get serious dry spells.
    On another note.. Cute card! I LOVE the way you colored her, especially the red hair. Love it!@

  10. Trina, I never use a timer to make a card. It's finished when my heart says so. When I'm missing something I could leave it on my desk for days untill I finally found what I needed to finish the card. You made a nice card and the image is coloured very well.Nice to see how you mirrored the image. Should try that.

  11. All I can say is...Amazing coloring. Love how you colored her hair. Anymore on the card would have taken away from the image. I love it just the way it is. Awesome job on the challenge!

  12. LOVE the heart oval that surrounds her and her gorgeous wings! Another winner :)

  13. Hey Trina...sorry it's taken me so long to get here...I have been trying lol. I love this card....with the heart oval being white and her with the red, she just "pops" out of the picture! And her hair is such a beautiful fiery red...just love it. And just so you know....a card will generally take me 3 hours or more to make...depending on how intricate...or if I have a clue what I'm doing lol

  14. Hey Trina!
    I've been meaning to pop by and I'm glad I've FINALLY gotten around to it! Your card is FAB! Your colouring is wonderful too! :)
    Some of my cards take a few hours... some a few weeks, just because I put them to one side half finished until I decide what to do next with them.

    Thank-you so much for commenting on my post, I really appreciate it :)

    Catch you over at The Outlawz! :D

    HUGS, Meesh. X


Thanks for your time & the love! ;D

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