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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Root Beer vs Dr. Pepper?

So yesterday I was talking to my father, and he mentioned that people either like root beer OR Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pibb but usually not both. Really?? Hmm... He loves root beer; I hate it. I love Dr. Pepper, but I don't drink sodas often enough for it to usually be my choice. (Mountain Dew!!)  Keep reading my rambling; it may be worth it... ;D

Today we have a new sketch at The Outlawz! Here's my take on it:
That cutie is a hybrid - The Greeting Farm's Cheeky Glamour up top and Cheeky Beauty for the body. Thanks to Amy (from A Thousand Sheets of Paper) for all the awesome YT vids showing how to switch TGF heads and bodies! I did have to cut the hair under the face to allow the shoulders to slide up close to the face. And since Cheeky Glamour's mouth is covered by her hand, I freehanded her mouth with a Spica pen using Cheeky Beauty as a guide. Paper is Bo Bunny's Crush, and the XO sticker is from K&Company.

Here's the sketch for those of you who might like to play along.

Now, if you're still here, tell me whether you like root beer, Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pibb, or both. Sunday afternoon I'll randomly pick one commenter and send her/him a set of Juliette stamps from SEI!


  1. Gorgeous work as always Trina! Love your coloring especially with the black hair!! I'm a mountain dew chica myself, but I'll drink Dr. Pepper before I'll swig on a root beer!

  2. Trina... wow!!! Your coloring is out of this world!!! Her hair is perfect!!!! Love the pp too!!! Fabulous creation!!
    As for me, I drink neither. I do like a Coke Zero from time to time!

  3. Trina, your sample is da bomb! Fantastic! The hair is amazing too!

  4. Oh what a lovely card Trina!
    Hugs Heidy

  5. Hey chica! LOVE this card! What a fabulous idea to mix and match the heads/bodies. I would have never thought of it...and you did it perfectly! Plus your coloring and drawing of the mouth...SO much talent! As for the root beer/Dr Pepper; I used to like both. When I was in high school, I liked Dr Pepper, but as I got older it became just too sweet to me. (I'd rather drink diet soda than regular, and I dislike diet Dr. Pepper.) I still love root beer, though. Especially when I was pregnant. Since most root beers don't have caffeine I could still drink it and fool my body into thinking I was having soda so no caffeine withdrawal headache. =D

  6. Fab card, Trina! Love the image you created with your mixing and matching! This turned out too cute! I like root beer, but haven't had it in ages as I don't drink much soda these days. I think I've only had Dr. Pepper once or twice in my life so I don't really remember if I liked it or not!

  7. Hey Trina ~ Your card is darling! ...and your writing is hilarious. I hardly drink any soda but I would surely pick root beer over Dr. Pepper. Your Dad's right because I can't stand Dr.

  8. Definitely both diet versions! But then again, I'll eat or drink anything. LOL! And you colored her hair BEAUTIFULLY. :)

  9. Oh, WOW, Trina! This is absolutely FABULOUS! I LOVE your hybrid'd NEVER know, it's PERFECT!

    I don't drink pop and if I do on VERY rare occasion, it's Pepsi but, I like BOTH Root Beer and Dr. Pepper but, I probably prefer Root Beer although I find ALL pop FAR too sweet these days...I only really drink water, coffee, and tea!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  10. Excellent alteration Trina, your new Cheeky is gorgeous... LOVE her! This is such a fun and flirty looking Valentine's card!
    Can you believe that I'm not really a fan of either Root Beer or Dr. Pepper (I'm a Coke girl)... though every once in awhile I do enjoy a Root Beer float, yum! :)

  11. Trina your card is fantastic, what a little cutie and pretty coloring.

    Hugs, Lori m

  12. This girl is so gosh darn awesome! How fabulous is she! Wow! This is such great work. Thanks so much for stopping and leaving such wonderful comments. I so appreciate you taking time to do that.
    Best to you for a wonderful and restful weekend.

  13. Hi Trina, this is my first time visiting your blog. You do some amazing work. So glad I bumped into your blog. And for the record I like both root beer and Dr. Pepper. I've always heard you either love the Beatles or the rolling stones and although I'm a die hard Beatles fan, I've learned to appreciate the stones. Just goes to show... :)

  14. Most fabulous card gf - love your coloring and you did an amazing job altering the image!! Such gorgeous papers and love the tiny hearts - the XO piece is perfect!! Hands down, Dr. Pepper - it saved my butt a few times in college! xx

  15. Great card and fab altering!! I love root beer myself, but don't drink a lot of soda either!

  16. hmm I must be an oddball.. I loke Dr. Pepper and Although I never drink soda ( maybe once or twice a year) If I do... I have one or the other of those or Sprite.
    Oh and I Love this super cute card! Love how you cut her out and added her to the circles. Your coloring is fab as always!

  17. Yeah, I'm a nut, I like them all...Rootbeer, Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibbs, Mountain Dew, should I go on? LOL


Thanks for your time & the love! ;D

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