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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alphabet Songs!

 ** Nothing to do with crafting here, but I know a lot of my crafting buddies have little people!!**

Now that school is out for the summer, it looks like I'll be tutoring again! My first student is a kindergartener who needs some help with letter recognition and letter sounds. Man, I was so excited yesterday when I found these awesome Alphabet Songs on Have Fun Teaching! The songs are catchy and have music that I think grown ups should enjoy while dancing and singing with their children. (One song really reminds me of a Justin Bieber tune...) Now, I read a bunch of folks on YT complaining that the songs are repetitive, and I wondered who these folks were. Clearly, they've never taught a child anything worthwhile. I mean, I can remember taping songs from the radio and rewinding over and over until I learned the words. It works!! Wanna hear one? Here's the T video since my name starts with that letter! :D

I am a fan! My student and I may alternate watching these alphabet songs and counting videos on the computer and on the tv, and I think they'd be awesome on a smartboard... You can watch with your little people on YT, on Have Fun Teaching, or on a DVD, which you can order from They even have CDs!

*I did receive a free download of the videos for this review, but I really do love these!!


  1. I'm still waiting for the repetitive instruction of "brush your teeth" to take hold on my kids !!!

  2. cool, that is a great teaching tool and I agree repetition is key. When I was in college I found that if I took notes in class then rewrote them at home I retained more of what I had learnt. So happy for you that you have a student, wtg Trina
    p.s. ty so much for commenting on my card, isn't that elephant sooo cute :)

  3. Thanks for your awesome blog post! Teachers and parents, be sure to check out the Alphabet Videos by Have Fun Teaching! Your kids will have SO MUCH FUN learning the Alphabet and Phonics!


Thanks for your time & the love! ;D

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