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Friday, July 13, 2012

Sharp Objects are NOT My Friends!

It is absolutely ridiculous how many times I've managed to accidentally cut myself this summer! The Ninja, random times while cutting vegetables and washing dishes, and so on... Well, yesterday I bought a mandolin to try a recipe I had seen for zucchini noodles. (I'm cutting sugar for the summer...)  Okay, so I was washing all the pieces that came with it, and I was really being careful. You know that voice that some of us have problems listening to? It told me that this one blade was clean, but I decided to keep washing. Swiped the rag across the blade, BUT WAIT! Where was the rag?? It was underneath my thumb but not in the place it needed to be to prevent me from slicing my thumb open. Coloring, typing, and using a slide paper trimmer are a lot less fun when your thumb is out of commission... I'm making it though! In fact, I even managed to make a card for the new challenge at Guylou's Inimitability - Same Old Song and Dance...

That's Serena Plays Her Guitar! There are some clear embossed butterflies from Layers of Color in the background.

You have until July 26 to play along! After this challenge, we'll be having a mini summer break so you need to get on over now!


  1. OW OW OW!!! Hope you are ok!! Eeee I cringe when I hear about cutting fingers :s Love your card thought Trina! Gorgeous colouring of the sweet image :)

  2. Ouch! I used to work in catering and cuts and burns were a constant companion - you have my sympathies!!
    The card looks great - fab job considering you're playing with a handicap :)

  3. Hello Trina! Today I received a comment from you (so glad google was there to help you! - hope you popped back to pick up your freebie =).

    I have to admit that your comment was so wonderful to receive today. I took the day off work to work up in my craft room to complete a bunch of cards for my SSD DT releases for July as well as a bunch of b-day cards for family and friends. I was not having a very creative brain today and I was getting very upset with my card layouts, then your comment came through and brought such a BIG smile to my face that my creative flow came back to me! - THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a sweet person!

    I am also so happy that you found me, cause then I found you - your blog is awesome! You use alot of stamps from a company I love - LMM! Your colouring is amazing and I cannot wait to see what you do next!

    Big Hugs;

  4. Well, I guess blood is the new ink. LOL. Sorry to hear that you cut yourself, girl. Heal up soon!

  5. Well, considering I can slash my finger on a paintbrush, I can tell you mandolins are evil and should be banned. Awful things.

    I love this card, the image is so cool and I love that you gave her centre stage in the corner! ;) Lol.

    I also love the circle LMM card downstairs. Have a great weekend. xx

  6. Yeah, you just got to watch those sharp edges. But, you do tell a funny story. This is such a cute card, and I love the image.

  7. Fab card, Trina! Love the music background and the great image you chose! Your coloring is terrific! Hope you had it done before you sliced your thumb! Hope it heals soon!

  8. ths is such a lovely card. your coloring is really good. STOP cutting yourself! Like I tell the neighborhood kids...there will be no CPR or hospital get it together chica lol Seriuosly, you do great work and I hope you get all better soon.

  9. OH Trina. Sorry to hear about your blade mishap! Hopefully you are on the mend! Your card is wonderful. Love the paper! HUGS

  10. Ugh, feeling your pain. Have gone to non-glass glasses because of one to many slices in dishwater. Love the card and don't see a spot of blood anywhere ;)

  11. Well first thing First.. Congrats to you my "Friend".. I saw the post on "GuyLou's.. They are Beautiful Trina So happy for you. How amazing to dream about something and have it come to pass..I will be doing some shopping when I get home from work..
    Now I think the best thing for you is to have Some one come over and Pack up ALL Sharp objects in your house with the exception of your "Scissors , paper snips and a "small paper trimmer.
    Might have to change your name to "Edward" LOL
    P.S. I love her hair on this image.. very cute


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