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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Carpet Woes...

The upstairs carpet in my house in being replaced. The job was supposed to be finished Tuesday but didn't start until today. My house is a serious mess as a result of moving all the drawers, knick knacks, books, etc. from the rooms. Wanna see??

Yep, we've been watching the Olympics up in here...

In the midst of all the mess, I had the worst time trying to photograph my card for this week's Sketch Challenge at The Outlawz. I apologize for the quality of the pic...

All that pink and blue on the card should be bright white!
Here's the sketch:
Come play along! You know we have great prizes!!


  1. WOW Trina.. If I was close enough I "might" consider coming over and helping.. BUT then again.. LOL... very cute card. Love the Simple look of it..

  2. Poor Trina! I hope they get the work underway and completed soon! You must be going crazy! Very cute card, though!

  3. Love your card Ms. Trina!! lol!! I hope you get your home put back together soon!!

  4. Cute card Trina! I love what you did with this sketch. Such an inspiration.

  5. Oh No!! Looks scary..and to think that I want to have the flooring (carpet) replaced in my craft room....I can't even begin to imagine where in the world I can PUT all this??? ARGH!!!!!!!!

  6. It’s good that you replaced your carpet. If a carpet has been used for too long and dirt cannot be removed already, people can develop allergies from it. Anyway, have your carpet regularly maintained. Vacuum it at least once or twice every week.

    Giovanni Benedict

  7. Cute cards! Although the room was indeed quite a mess, I think everything’s sorted out now. Keeping the room clean will help in preventing dust and dirt from clinging to the carpet. That, in turn, will lessen the carpet’s risk of getting worn out fast.

    - Lyda Tavorn -


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