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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

♥ This One's for You!! ♥

My lovely Aunt Hope has recently become my most faithful blog reader. A few days ago, she, uh, requested that I put up some new posts. Well, since I LOVE!!!! her so much, this one's for her...

Last summer I thought I wanted to jump into the whole art journal craze. It took from then until March for me to actually get past putting much other than gesso on a page, though.

The light from the window is really brightening this picture...
So, I had been upstairs flipping through a prayer journal that someone gave my mother and saw this scripture. It was talking to me that day! I stayed up late into the night painting; I thought I was going to get fussed at by my mom since she was sleeping and I was making a ton of noise coming up and down the steps with supplies, but she slept right on through it. (If you knew my mom, you'd know she could sleep!)

I won't bore you with the details, but please believe all sorts of stuff is on these two pages...



  1. OMGT Trina!!! This is out of this world gorgeous! Did you draw and color that image? Breathtaking!!!!

  2. Trina this is stunning!! It jumped out at me from my Bloglovin feed! You did a beautiful job on her skin and eyes! Please share this over on the Blogger Challenge board, so everyone gets a chance to see this!

  3. Trina, I hope we meet sometime!!! You are so funny! I fell out when you said about your supplies and how long it took you too use them. I can relate! I, too, have jumped on the mixed media train mainly with buying great things!!!!! The problem is that I do not seem to put the supplies on paper. I love your page. I am going to challenge myself to do something with gesso today. I even signed up for Art Journaling class on Scraps of Color. Your posts are so enjoyable and blessings!

  4. Thank you Aunt Hope - we have missed her.

  5. I love this spread. You did a great job. I hope to see more art journaling from you. Love the eyes.


Thanks for your time & the love! ;D

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