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Friday, June 20, 2014

There's Another Afro Coming!

Something about Aunt Hope actually leaving a comment on my blog rather than sending me a text made me feel like I probably should post something! :D  Is it strange that I've been happy since this afternoon because they finally released an Android update for the S3 and I was able to get awesomely cool emoji on the Google Keyboard?? (Don't judge me for being nerdy...)  My godmother was texting me after my mom died, and I was severely disturbed that she had all these great emoji and I had NONE! Just smiley faces. I did all sorts of reading and ended up with a couple more, but not enough to make me use the Google Keyboard instead of Swype. I think I might just type with Swype then switch to Google to add cute pictures when I'm actually in the mood to do so...

Was that enough nerdspeak for you??? :D Cool... I just decided that I should just post projects as they occurred, so you'll probably see some Father's Day cards next week or so. I'm jumping back to the beginning of June for this project. ***GRRR... my internet died for, like, the seventh time today. I'll just keep typing and hope that the connection comes back so that Google can save this post. Now I don't feel like typing anymore. SOOOOO... here's another, yes another, big haired lovely from my art journal. **Are you frustrated enough to lose your common sense? can Trina upload a picture to Blogger with no internet?? Shame...

Yes, her cheeks are mighty pink, but it's an art journal page! :D

Here's a collage to show how the page went from a little sketch in my sketchbook to this colorful page:

I have to get some patience so I can let my paint layers dry. I kept pulling up the paint...

Be well out there!!


  1. Love it Trina!!! Love the big hair!! Does a heatgun works for paint?? LOL

    1. I could probably use that or a blow dryer. When I'm in that mood, I just want to go!

  2. Oh, Trina, this is exceptionally beautiful! Fantastic image, design, painting, and details. Love it! :^)
    Hugs, Penny
    P.S. I have the S5--good thing, or I wouldn't be able to use all the emoticons! I would have no idea how. :^P

  3. I love this page. The afro is so well done and the background, the whole thing is very good.

  4. Oh wow... I LOVE the features on this lady. You are good!!!! Beautiful page.... I have had the S3 for almost two years and I still have no idea how to use 90% of the features on my phone!

  5. Your work is fantastic and deserves the effort of figuring out how to upload a post. Trina I love that picture as well and yes I am starting to use the post. I have no idea what I'm doing but I am really happy it worked I love you.


Thanks for your time & the love! ;D

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