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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of you - moms or not - are having a great day today! My baby is still hanging out so I'm not technically a mom yet. I am, however, having a little giveaway!  Leave a comment guessing when you think my son will make his big debut. My friend Jennifer at For the Luv of Paper recently started selling F.R.E.D. tables again, and I'm giving one to whoever comes closest to my son's birthday! (Go check it out; you want one. I barely scrap, but I find it quite handy for keeping up with pieces of my projects and rearranging until I have a design I want.) And just so you're not totally off with the guesses, I'm due in two weeks... 😘

**If you're outside the US and want to play along, please note that I'll have to send you something else. The shipping would be a little ridiculous since the F.R.E.D. has a nice weight on the base.


  1. :D looking good Trina!!
    It's getting exciting!! I think your little boy will be born on May 26th, that's my sisters birthday :D
    Your package should arrive soon, it stated it arrived yesterday in USA.

  2. Get out the red/white/blue. You will have the first Memorial Day baby on May 24th.

  3. Congrats, if this is your first baby then it may come a little pass the due date so I'm guessing May 29th!

  4. May 22nd. and look mahvelous,, absolutely mahvelous!

  5. You are looking so very beautiful! My guess is 25 May .. hopefully! Blessing for the coule of weeks ahead and for the birth of your son!
    Jen L
    South Africa

  6. What a beautiful mama-to-be! My guess for the baby coming is going to be May 28th.

  7. Great photo Trina, and congrats again! I'll guess May 21st.


Thanks for your time & the love! ;D

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