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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Secret Pal Birthday Goodness!

My Secret Pal from the Anything Goes group on PCP sent me a box of birthday goodies! Now, I assumed this box was for my birthday, so I SHOULD have put it to the side to wait until my birthday, but... :D

I got a beautiful gatefold birthday card (already posted on the mantle!), two huge rubber stamps, and a sewing-themed explosion box! Check my initial on top; my SP is detail-oriented!  Thank you!!

Just a few more months and I'll be able to know who my SP is! I need to send something to my person...

**Sorry I haven't bothered to post the date of my birth, but I have good credit and can't be bothered with the thieves that exist in the world. Some of us post a bit too much info. Think I'm just being weird? This article is from a local news station from yesterday. No, a blog isn't an FB or Twitter page, but the same folks trolling for info can go through a blog just as easily... I used to work with a man who did a lot of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design work; as a result, I'm wary of lots of things that give up too much info (i.e. those family bumper stickers with family members' names, especially the ones with kids in uniforms with their numbers and pet names; mailboxes with names; names on license plates; car keys with house phone numbers to call if the keys are found...). Yes, I just said a lot. I want you to be safe, too! Let me know if you need an explanation of why these things help make a person more vulnerable to someone up to no good...

If you're on any of the crafting sites - PCP, The Outlawz, SOC - you'll see my pic pop up on my birthday!


  1. Woo hoo! What a lovely birthday gift!!

  2. Wow...that'll keep you busy for a while...what a great SP...haven't heard from mine since Christmas!

  3. woot, woot!! happy birthday indeed!!

  4. Happy early birthday! What a fantabulous mail day. I am jealous. I want that stamp with the chick who has a basket of flowers over her shoulder. Who makes it? I must find it!

  5. For Gina and anyone else interested, my SP got that stamp for me in the consignment section at Viva Las Vegas Stamps. If you want your own, it's from Rubber Romance. The lady who runs that company is selling her stamps on etsy -


Thanks for your time & the love! ;D

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