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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

C'mon Black Friday!

Really, I'm excited about Black Friday. I usually go shopping with my mom in the wee hours of the morning; lately, though, we haven't found any deals worth getting up at 3 a.m. for. BUT, this year I'm excited because this darn Kohl's commercial will stop playing! I LOVE Kohl's! I mean, I've made MVC status in one trip before, but this Black Friday commercial is driving me insane and seems to come on every break... (I hope Rebecca Black got paid a grip for this. I had never seen her video for Friday until a minute ago.)

And just since I want to act mad about things... I ordered some Copic refills from Two Peas during the sale a couple of weekends ago. They've been floating around Atlanta since last Thursday and finally showed up at my house today. Let me show you some ridiculous nonsense...

Eight little bottles of refills in a 12x12x3 box??  I like Two Peas, but the shipping cost on these refills that take up less than an eighth of the box seems a bit crazy to me...

On a sweeter note, since I know that no one comes here just to read my rambling, here are a couple of cards I made for the June/July issue of Ready, Set, Create:

Heather Ellis digi + altered sentiment from TLC Creations

Best Friends digi from Whimsy and Stars Studio

Lindsay's Stamp Stuff sentiment with Cowboy Tobie from Some Odd Girl and digi paper from Peppermint Creative
The new issue is only a few days away!

Oh, Guylou's Inimitability is having a blog hop on Dec 3. It's only one day, so mark your calendar! There will be goodies all around!


  1. Way too cute Trina--each one of them! It put a smile on my face. And BTW, it makes no sense to put those refills in a box that size. It could have easily have gone into a priority envelope [for a lower cost too.]

  2. ALL of these are fantastic!!! Can't even pick a favorite as I love them all.
    That's a little crazy about putting those refills, etc. in such a huge box - I totally agree with you!

  3. Adorable cards, Trina! Darling images! I hear you on the boxes! What are they thinking? Rusty packs them in an envelope or the smallest box possible and they arrive just fine! I think you'll need to find a crafty repurpose for the box - lol! My cats love climbing in the big ones!

  4. Hi Ms. Trina.. I love all 3 cards.. The "best friends" images is just the cutest..I hear you loud and clear about those "shipping charges".. I try to save enough to get to the "free shipping" I can't see my self paying $6.00(or even less when they are on sale) for a paper pad and then have to pay $8.00 for shipping charges :0)

  5. Hi Trina, I love reading all your posts and your cards are beautiful. I had to laugh on the box, I've gotten a few filled with paper or those pillow fillers and a tiny item inside.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and family,
    Hugs, Lori m

  6. Oh sweetie...super cute cards!!! I especially love that second one. I love to hear you ramble...just like me! =D I know what you mean about the crazy packaging...drives me CRAZY!!

    I am so thankful to have a sweetheart like you in my life. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!

    Hugs, Star

  7. Love love LOVE Black Friday! Although I only went online this year. Uggh, sorry I do not like that Kohl's commercial..although I do love the lady at Target!! She's so crazy! Beautiful cards! Love the sweetness of the first, the coloring of the second's, and the papers of the third's!!


Thanks for your time & the love! ;D

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