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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trying to Fight Back!

I have plans today to complete my late project for Little Miss Muffet's new challenge, Spring Colors, and my project for Guylou's challenge which will start tonight. I just wanted to quickly apologize for the super short post yesterday. I was running out to the mall with my mom. While there, we stopped and got some awesome cupcakes then popped into the Chinese herb shop. I got a container filled with bark, berries/seeds, and other forest-y type things for my sinuses. It cost way more than I wanted to pay, but since I hate taking medicine AND am still coughing like crazy, I bit the bullet... I have no idea what I'm ingesting! The only thing I know that's in this mix is magnolia flower buds. I thought they were pussy willows. Gotta love Google!!
Sorry for the raggedy photo. I took a pic of all of this in the pot yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared.

I'm not supposed to eat spicy foods while waiting for my sinuses to clear. I thought that would be easy until a minute ago when I made some ramen noodles for breakfast. I always douse them in sriracha but had to skip it. :( I'm also not supposed to have alcohol. I forgot that last night and had a shot of NyQuil. That stuff doesn't make me sleep; it actually usually keeps me awake (sudafed issues...), but not last night! Might have just been because I haven't had a decent night of sleep since last Thursday...

Even my grandma has been asking me if I'm taking something for this cough. I asked her if she knew something I could go outside and boil up! :D She has Alzheimer's, and the first time I asked, she acted like she'd never heard of such a thing. About thirty minutes later, she started telling me how her great-grandmother was "an Indian" (no idea about a tribe) and that back in the day I would have been told to get some rabbit tobacco, bluegrass, or heartleaf (wild ginger) to work on this cough. I Googled rabbit tobacco for coughing and found plenty of references. So, if any of y'all have some old rabbit tobacco dried up let me know!

**Yes, I'm one of those annoying people who will Google anything in the middle of a conversation. I like to know things, and it is super convenient!**


  1. Wow a variety of remedies going on...What ever it takes and it works yeah! Hope you get a relief soon sounds like you need a day of zzzz's...

  2. Hope the remedy makes you feel better, Trina! Let me know, because I am hacking away, too, and also have hardly gotten any sleep! Thankfully, I don't have the sinus part. Feel better!

  3. Trina, if it works let me know...
    Fingers crossed it does as nothing more annoying than sinus and cough.
    Good luck with goals!

  4. let me know if it works. My allergies and sinuses are HORRIBLE this year. It is driving me bonkers.


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