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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Two things before I tell this story. 1. I hate roaches. Yes, I pick up worms and have no problems moving a non-jumping spider outside without killing it. But roaches?? Not happening. They make me itch just thinking about them. 2. I live in a neighborhood which is still forest-like. The appeal when this neighborhood was being built was that the builders didn't just level all the trees to put up houses. Therefore, many of the forest creatures seem to think people houses are their homes too...

SO, today I was handling some business in the bathroom. I was having a great time playing a word game on my Kindle; there was definitely no rush to get up. Once I finally decided it was time to go (my foot was falling asleep), I stood up, looked into the bowl, and saw this 2.5 inch roach chilling inside the bowl!! UGH! You have never seen a person jump away from a toilet so fast! Thankfully, that big granddaddy roach did not fly out of the toilet; he let himself go to a watery grave. All I could think about after was the roach being so close to lady parts... GRODY! (Yeah, I really still say grody.) :D

Okay, okay, you can stop laughing at me now! To make up for telling all that you really didn't want to know, here's a card I sent Abby, my 2011 Secret Pal, last year.

Digi from A Day for Daisies. Sentiment from the former $1 section @Michaels.
Looking on my external HD, I finally found the pictures to update that other post about last year's Secret Pal! It's only been three months since the post went live! :S

**Just one more day for the Fancy/Lacy challenge at Little Miss Muffet!
**Things with Wings challenge at Guylou's Inimitability is rocking!


  1. Hi Trina, loving this card, First off the purples and grays are my favorites and that image. I have got to branch out in the places that I shop.

  2. HA HA HA HA HA!! what a NASTY story, and thumbs up to "GRODY", 'cuz sometimes it's just the word that fits! girl, i don't know how you are still living in that house after that incident.

    i totally lullzed at your comment on the SOGgy blog - thanks for the sweetness and you sure know how to follow instructions! ;) xo

  3. Fab card, Trina! Love the colors and the chic image! Ewwwwww is right about your story! Eeks!

  4. What did you use on her stole or whatever that thing is called? Pretty card! As for the roach...oh, my hell, I'd have been freaking out, too. I am okay with other bugs, but roaches just make me squirm. I think of the stories of them climbing in people's ears and laying eggs. Ok, thanks for making me sick today....

    BTW, did you enter for my RAK yet? I can't remember if I saw your name. If not, get over there, girl. It's lots of goodies!

  5. EEWWWWWW! You know, as a recent resident to this country, I'm still freaked out by the bugs and stuff here! The UK is so very tame compared to here. Anyway, moving on - your card is very lovely :) Now I'm off to check the bathroom!!!

  6. OH MY GOSH! That is too funny! But I hear you...I hate roaches and spiders!
    What a elegant card you created Trina! Love the ribbon and the way the stole came out! HUGS

  7. I don't mean to laugh at you but damn that was funny! I hope you finished up before running out:)!!! Anyways, great card, love the clean layout and the ribbon!


  8. You said so yourself that you live in a forest-like neighborhood, so it's just normal to see little pests and critters hanging around – roaches included. Anyway, they're all pests, so they all post the same threats for your home. So, and whether you are scared of them or not, you have keep them all out of your house.

    Barbara Boddie @ Liberty Pest


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