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Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm So Excited!

Reasons for Excitement:

1. I won the birthday candy at my buddy Gina's blog! Gina packed a shoebox full of amazing stuff which included Basic Grey chipboard stickers, a Tim Holtz die, a set of Nesties, embossing folders, stamps, twine, paper, ribbon and even some Grumpy Girl soap! (The names of their soaps are too much!) Gina and I always joke about winning each others' candy, and I was really shocked to have won.

2. The newswoman just said that today's pollen count has broken a record. I am a serious allergy sufferer year-round, but it gets way more horrible during the spring. I'm excited, though, because I received some sample eye drops last week that have practically ended my eye issues! They taste nasty (drops drain into nose then run down throat), but it's so nice not to have watery, itchy eyes that produce sticky, slimy stuff all day. I've been able to go outside, open the windows in the house, and ride in my car with the windows down! I'm calling the doctor today for a prescription!!

That's it! It doesn't take a whole lot for me some days...  I know a lot of folks are going through a lot of things; I'm trying to do better about being happy with the little things!

As I was adding this pic, I realized it goes perfectly with what I just typed! I made this card for a recent issue of Ready, Set, Create. The image is from Dilly Beans.


  1. Congrats on all the great news!! I'm really happy you won Gina's candy, you totally deserve it! =D LOVE the card. Your coloring is just fabulous...her hair is amazing!

  2. Big congrats on winning! Love it when you find something that works! Beautiful coloring Trina! HUGS

  3. See, you finally won!!! Was it worth the wait?! LOL. I love your card. I love how you colored her. I cannot get the hair thing down and yours looks perfect. As for the eye drops, can you email me the name of them? My friend has horrendous allergies and I'd like to tell her about them.

  4. Trian this is gorgeous! I love the image and you have coloured her up beautifully :)

  5. Hey Sista, just stopping by to say hey! I have been gone for a second...didn't realize it was so long! Have a great week!

  6. Hey, congrats on winning and that's such a lovely, beautifully coloured card ; I'm a Dilly Beans fan too :)

  7. Beautiful! and just love the colors you've used in her hair.


  8. This is fabulous Trina! I just love your coloring on her hair and you nailed the shadowing on her nose. I haven't been brave enough to try that yet. :-) Sound like my poor hubby could use some of your miracle eyedrops. Have fun with all your new goodies! Hugs!

  9. T!!!! I am soo happy I can post on your blog again!! I don't know what changed but wheww!! I am happy for you that you don't have to suffer with teary eyes too : ) That can get old. Yay for you for winning goodies!! I love your outlook about being happy for the little things. They eventually add up to the big things : ) and that is what makes it all ok for me,anyway! Love her hair (on your image)!!!! It looks amazingly touchable : )Hugs!

  10. oh girl I know what you mean. I used to have some prescription eye drops and they would drain down my throat and it was NASTY but they worked. It freaked me out the first time because I have used Visine and never tasted it. I feel for you with the allergies/ sinuses. I suffer year round as well and this year is kicking by butt. I look like a hot mess most of the time with no makeup and red nose, water eye. yes only one stupid eye is itchy and watery. lol
    Congrats again on winning the RAK...

    and this card is gorgeous. Your coloring is off the chain!


Thanks for your time & the love! ;D

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